Stu, stu, studio!

Since moving house last year a new space to paint has been much needed. I left a Georgian town house- massive rooms, high ceilings and loads of windows to inhabit a Victorian terrace two up two down. Whilst I love the new place (amazing views and a garden) it lacks a suitable space for painting, both physical and for some reason, mental.

Apart from commissions, I’ve struggled to put brush to canvas with any decent regularity or success, despite having plans and ideas aplenty. It was my New Year resolution to finish all the paintings I’ve started, sketched out but never completed and to find a studio space in order to achieve this.

I’m excited to say I’ve found a such a space and am enthused and re-energised to paint. Today was my first day and having got everything just so and after a procrastinatory cup of tea and staring at the wall for a bit I got my sketchbooks out, started planning, note making and then got the paints out worked on a couple of sky studies. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have a bit of space away from everything else.


Up on the walls are paintings which you’ll have seen when I first started them but have neglected ever since the initial sketching out. I look forward to the challenges they present and to hopefully getting them to a finished state. The cardboard up on the wall is an improvised pin board. So. Watch this space. New paintings coming soon.

Nb I won’t let my space reach the levels of chaos that Francis Bacon achieved in his studio.

Francis Bacon studio